IoT & Embedded Engineering transforms manufacturing without reinventing it

Optimize existing systems, drive innovation, and improve operational efficiencies

The core question always is, how can IoT technologies and Embedded Engineering projects improve manufacturing processes? In short, how can these technologies be best applied toward increasing efficiencies, reducing downtime, and accelerating innovation?

ThoughtFocus’ IoT and Embedded Engineering services starts with business optimization at the forefront.

We use a technology-agnostic approach that enables the ThoughtFocus team to create a clear solutions roadmap and IoT architecture. However, most importantly, our experienced practice leads, developers, and engineers work to thoroughly understand clients’ businesses to make improvements that deliver both short- and long-term ROI.


IoT Solutions Development

  • Identify and prioritize use cases for immediate ROI
  • Develop loT architecture to support long-term strategy

  • Create pre-integrated widgets for legacy system integration
  • Integrate widgets and apps with MES/ERP/payment systems

  • Create data collection and processing systems on either private or public cloud servers
  • Implement device management servers

  • Manage upgrades and Over the Air (OTA) device provisioning
  • Create gateway device development

  • Firmware development for remote monitoring and control unit end device implementation for fluid control monitoring
  • UI implementation on touch-based devices

  • Security for applications, gateways and devices

Embedded Engineering Solutions

  • Prototyping and Simulations
  • Product Development
  • Industry KPI Measurement & Analytics
  • User Interfaces and User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Firmware Security

Interested in Advancing Your Manufacturing Operations to the Next Level?

ThoughtFocus is here to take your manufacturing organization to the next level—optimizing existing systems, driving innovation, and improving operational efficiencies. Our approach to IoT and Embedded Engineering technologies always starts by understanding our clients' business opportunities to deliver immediate and longer-term ROI.