RPA and hyper automation consulting services

Remove friction and unlock the potential of your employees.
  • Improve Agility: Get more done faster, achieve scale in manually intensive tasks
  • Enable Employees: Free up the time of employees so that they can focus on more value-added tasks
  • Improved Collaboration: Integrate digital technologies across processes and legacy systems
  • Use AI-powered omni-channel enterprise chat (and microbot automation platform) to add a new layer of integration and automation to your organization
Automate and accelerate the flow of work with intelligent automation and hyper automation.

By combining AI and Machine Learning with robotic process automation (RPA), virtually any repetitive task can be accelerated for business users.

Hyper automation represents a significant opportunity to drive true digital transformation. Repetitive tasks are automated starting with RPA and then expanded using AI, process mining, analytic feedback loops, and other advanced tools.

The more you automate, the faster you can allocate scarce human capital to the most important tasks.


Get Started with Intelligent and Hyper Automation. ThoughtFocus Provides the Following Capabilities and Deliverables.

Discover processes ripe for automation. Work with process owners, analytics, SMEs, and knowledge workers to discover and define opportunities for optimization

Starting with RPA, create error-free execution of structured business processes using software robots. Deploy RPA bots, scale on demand, and fine-tune

Extend the capabilities of existing automation by combining the cababilities of RPA with Machine Learning as well as the automatic process discovery to increase throughput efficiency by an order of magnitude or more

Let ThoughtFocus help you with your entire automation journey – from discovery and design to deployment and extending capabilities across multiple functions.

Removing Friction is an Easy Way to Delight Your Customers and Employees

If you look behind any of your time-intensive manual operations, you'll find frustrated employees as well as cost inefficiency. Clunky processes are costing you. If you have processes that meet any of these criteria, get in touch today:

  • Opening then filing e-mail attachments
  • Moving files and folders
  • Copying and pasting
  • Completing web forms
  • Reading from and writing to databases
  • Scraping data from websites
  • Connecting to system APIs
  • Making calculations
  • Extracting structured data from documents
  • Collecting social media statistics
  • Following “if/then” type decision rules

ThoughtFocus’ RPA workshops help your team identify clunky manual operations and then rapidly deploy automation to minimize human involvement. The entire workshop is no cost, is just a few hours long, and is delivered remote via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GoToMeeting.

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