With years of experiencing in building AI/ML solutions ThoughtFocus has developed rich experience in supporting automation initiatives for its clients. Our teams take automation initiatives to next level of performance for their tools and applications resulting in overall business success. ThoughtFocus has highly skilled workforce solutions who are trained in Data Analytics.

Some of our Data Labeling service include:

  • Graphics Annotations
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Annotations
  • Model Validations
  • Exception Management
  • Bot Training
  • GIS and Spatial Data Annotations
  • Utilities Data Annotations

Success Story - Leading Public University of State of California

ThoughtFocus’ client is one of the leading public university in California with the enrollment of more than 40,000 students. They conducted the Student Opinion Survey to analyze the student’s opinion about online learning during Covid-19 pandemic. Machine learning team could not do the unsupervised training for sentiment analysis as they had following challenges to train the model. Responses provided by the students were,

  • Way lengthy and unstructured
  • Ambiguous without understanding the context
  • Multi-polarity statements containing varying sentiments
  • Sarcastic statements intentionally implying a different sentiment

ThoughtFocus partnered with Machine Learning team to provide the labeled training dataset for the predictive model by manually annotating the sentiment of feedbacks.

  • Identified the training dataset considering the different context of questionnaires
  • Based on the student feedback, sentiment value was categorized among Positive / Negative / Neutral
  • To avoid the opinion bias, each survey response was be categorized by 3 independent reviewers
  • Final sentiment category was determined by considering the popular sentiment tagged among the independent reviewers

Machine learning team was able get the unbiased sentiment training dataset to deploy the predictive model.

  • 100% of the work completed before the turn-around time
  • 99.88% accuracy of decisions made
  • Exhibited the domain expertise with very minimum guidance from the from the ML team
  • ML team was successfully deployed the sentiment analysis classifier with high precision prediction

ThoughtFocus Strength:

  • Long-term experience with large complex ML/AI solutions
  • Significant presence for digital operations engagements in emerging markets
  • RPA/AI driven solutions to increase efficiency of manual processes
  • Well defined ad structure models to deploy hybrid captive delivery centers
  • Flexible service delivery models with value add from

ThoughtFocus has shown resilience and adaptability by managing business growth in in automation solutions by leveraging and deploying solutions that overall improve service levels for our clients in terms of their client experience.

Why ThoughtFocus for Data Labeling Operations

There are many significant drivers for our clients to consider ThoughtFocus for their operational needs such as:

  • Improved compliance to adapt to changing regulations
  • Improvised process standardization and reduced error rate
  • Improved turnaround time to meet shorter industry processing deadlines
  • Increase in process automation and systems to manage for business growth

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