Transform data into actionable insights

What do you want to do?
  • Embrace cloud driven transformation?
  • Share information on a global scale?
  • Make sense of massive stores of enterprise data?
  • Build multi-tiered levels of decision support systems?
Responsible Modernization Quickly and Cost Effectively.

Is IT working on the right projects? Are you maximizing the ability to deliver solutions the most effective and efficient way possible?

If you are thinking about improving coordination and alignment of IT and business investments to efficiently deliver strategic initiatives, ThoughtFocus’ Data Architecture services will move your organization forward and deliver responsible modernization quickly and cost effectively.

There is a symbiotic relationship between enterprise architecture, systematic insights, business platforms, cloud, and improved business outcomes. True transformation requires equal focus on each of these critical capabilities. As you look for ways to digitize core business functions, get in touch. Game-changing, cloud-enabled scalability for faster time-to-market.


ThoughtFocus’ Data Architecture services deliver game-changing, cloud-enabled scalability that enables faster time-to-market. ThoughtFocus’ Data Architecture experts, working on-site (or remote) are a collaborative part of your team and help you rapidly build, test, and QA your architecture with sound change-management principles built into the framework. Services include:

Lift-and-shift, hybrid, or cloud-native? Together, we can explore all the possibilities and formulate the right strategy for Data Architecture and cloud migration efforts.

  • The cloud is changing the way infrastructure is designed and executed. When you migrate from legacy to cloud technology, you enable more agile and flexible operations. This allows efficient scaling and provisioning of resources based on true demand. Cloud migrations also drive the transformation as IT as a cost-center to strategic business enablement
  • Embracing the cloud requires expertise. If you are just starting to explore the cloud, or if you’ve already embraced serverless, DevOps, and/or container-based methodologies, a cloud roadmap from ThoughtFocus will help you get from now to next efficiently and quickly

Containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics streamline development processes while future-proofing for the deployment of ML and AI

ThoughtFocus has proprietary tools that automate time-consuming activities (e.g., ETL conversion, testing, system management, and more)

Local, near and offshore teams work hand-in-hand with on-site consultants to provide the right depth, value, coverage, and expertise

Moving business processes to the cloud also improves governance, security, and compliance – because cloud providers already use the latest security technologies

Supporting real-time information flow means integrating and modernizing systems so your multiple pieces are experienced as one – creating a cohesive environment that drives employee efficiency, reduces operating costs, and increases customer satisfaction

Formulate the Right Enterprise Architecture Implementation

Developing, employing and managing an EA implementation can seem like a big task. Together, let’s explore all the possibilities and formulate the right strategy for your data and enterprise efforts. We can help you tame the complexity of typical EA frameworks.

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