Solve BOM Management Challenges and Eliminate Errors


Do BOM inaccuracies impact your efficiency?

  • Poor customer experience
  • Incorrect or incomplete quantities creating supply chain delays
  • Loss of productivity at stores/warehouses
  • Production idle times causing productivity leaks and operational losses
  • Revenue losses due to hampered production

Join speakers from GenAlpha and ThoughtFocus and learn how fixing inaccuracies and gaps in the BOM process creates new efficiencies and significant downstream benefits.


Join us on August 17th at 1-2PM CT and learn how to rethink and untangle your BOM processes. With the right support and architecture, data within the BOM can fuel massive transformations in sales, marketing, product manufacturing, operations, purchasing, and logistics decisions.

Learn how untangling the BOM process can deliver a much-improved buying experience in every part of your organization.

Speakers Include

Kris Harrington

President and COO for GenAlpha Technologies

During her time with OEMs in the mining industry, Kris and the other founders of GenAlpha saw a need to find a better way for B2B manufacturers to do business. This led to the development of an eCommerce solution for manufacturers and distributors who want to grow their business online. For more than 10 years, the experienced team at GenAlpha Technologies has been helping equipment manufacturers repurpose their bills of materials, 2D and 3D engineering data to make it easier for customers to safely identify and purchase parts.

Prashanth Sharma

Chief Technology Officer for ThoughtFocus

With over 20 years of experience providing strategic technology leadership for Fortune 50 manufacturing companies, Sharma is an expert in organizational integration, enterprise technologies, cloud-based distributed applications, and multi-stack product engineering solutions. As CTO, Sharma manages the end-to-end technology function across all of ThoughtFocus’ business lines and customer engagements.

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The faster your organization grows, the bigger your bill of material problems become - especially for product companies working with distributed teams and supply chain partners.

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