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Scale complex, multistep ​activities​.

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Purpose-built autonomous software agents or robots multiply the effectiveness of your people ... without adding headcount.

Autonomous AI agents work hand-in-hand with with your staff to improve efficiency by at least an order of magnitude.

You can build, test, and deploy ultra-productive intelligent agents in about ten weeks when you leverage our unique frameworks and accelerators.

Revolutionizing Engineering with AI

Welcome to the new era of engineering - powered by the transformative capabilities of AI, especially Large Language Models (LLMs). Our AI agent software robots redefine automation, taking on complex tasks and processes previously considered beyond the scope of automation. This paradigm shift not only enhances efficiency but also opens up a realm of possibilities in engineering and automation like never before.

AI Agents: Unlocking Limitless Possibilities

The potential applications of AI agents are boundless, permeating every industry and sector. Their profound impact makes early adoption not just advantageous but imperative for staying ahead. By harnessing the power of AI agents, businesses can unlock unprecedented levels of innovation and operational efficiency, ensuring a significant competitive edge in an ever-evolving landscape.

ThoughtFocus: Pioneers in AI Engineering

At ThoughtFocus, we've been at the forefront of the AI revolution, leading the way in Large Language Models, machine learning, and advanced automation. Anticipating the future, we've built a globally-renowned team of AI experts and engineers unmatched in their expertise and innovative capabilities. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve means that partnering with us puts you on the fastest track to AI transformation and success.

Autonomous AI Robots​. Add arms and legs to your automation​.

Unlike RPA applications that still require humans to input prompts, autonomous AI "robots" can plan, execute tasks end-to-end, monitor the output, adapt, and use tools to accomplish your goals. ​

Here's what ThoughtFocus customers have to say...​​

"AI agents have revolutionized our operations and significantly improved efficiency. We are now able to automate complex processes, saving time and resources. This has truly transformed the way we work."

"This has been a game-changer for our business. We have been able to automate tasks that were previously time-consuming and error-prone. The AI agents have not only increased our ​productivity but have also reduced human error, leading to improved accuracy in our operations.​"

"ThoughtFocus' enterprise robots have completely ​transformed our workflow. We have been able to automate repetitive tasks, allowing our team to focus on more strategic and value-added activities."

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Complete Complex Workflows

Compliance AI Agent​

Streamlined processes, pre-analyzed data, highlighted concerns, and offered customizable insights aligned with policies. Seamlessly integrating with human compliance workflows, it combined AI analysis with human oversight, enhancing compliance and accuracy. Promoting real-time collaboration, ensuring data security, and being scalable and adaptable, it proved versatile and comprehensive in compliance process automation.​

Simulate and Test Mortgage Applications

Test Data Generation for Complex Mortgage Applications

Provided a robust solution for testing mortgage application systems. Creating diverse datasets simulating realistic mortgage applications ensured privacy compliance by fully anonymizing generated test data. Tailorable to specific lending criteria and scalable for stress testing, it seamlessly integrated with existing mortgage application processing systems. Adapting to dynamic scenarios, it evolved data generation algorithms based on market trends, regulatory changes, and credit risk models, intentionally introducing errors for system evaluation.

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