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Curiosity and a Software Developer’s Mindset

Posing great questions is one of the most important tools in a software developer’s kit.  


We all know how to pose or ask questions and we’ve all heard the cliché “There are no good or bad questions.”  


However, in our experience, we’ve learned that great questions get great answers.  Asking great questions implies that you’ve given some thought to your question.  


Cartoonist Julia Evans composed a brilliant article about posing great questions. Julia likewise makes great comics about testing themes for engineers. Julia’s criteria for asking a decent question include-  

  • Carving out a decent opportunity 
  • State what you know 
  • Pose authentic inquiries  
  • Pick whom to inquire 
  • Do some examination  


Research is basic to posing a decent inquiry. It recognizes the individual you are asking, builds your comprehension, and gives a significant setting to a discussion.  


Try not to avoid using ‘bad’ questions – they are part of your exploration!  

  • A decent question is explicit
  • A decent question is clear and succinct
  • A decent question shows you’ve invested some effort into it


Again, the work you put into understanding what the question is and ensuring it is just great will have positive potential gains. Being explicit and keeping it brief will prompt improved replies to your questions more frequently than usual.   


Posing incredible questions is a skill every software developer must imbibe early on, to make greater strides in their professional journey!


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