Our Vision and Mission


Being a benchmark and leader in technological innovation that enables our clients to achieve category leadership, so they can have remarkable growth faster.


To respond to the technological innovation needs of businesses, and deliver satisfaction to our clients, shareholders, and employees that make a positive impact on society.

Our Values


We are honest and forthright in our dealings. Building trust builds a better company.


We seek to understand each other’s differences, while treating each other with dignity and respect.


We are responsible for holding ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions.


We are resolute in our professional convictions and remain driven to achieve our mission.


We seek to inspire a happy state of mind in each other. A positive attitude is good for our personal well-being, the team and our customers.

Social Impact

Fast growth with moral drive

The faster we grow, the more important it becomes to stay grounded and thankful for the rewards we receive. We use those rewards to lean back into and invest in others and the communities we serve through ComfortGives - our philanthropic and social impact organization.

We have a moral responsibility to give back to and invest in the community. We must roll up our sleeves, volunteer, and contribute to the causes we care about.

- Suman Atreya, CEO of ThoughtFocus

Supporting social impact and philanthropic causes has long been important to ThoughtFocus. A few recent projects include:

Comfort Gives is ThoughtFocus’ social impact program that is dedicated to giving back to our communities through in-kind and financial donations. In 2020, ThoughtFocus met virtually with multiple elementary schools around the United States to host virtual readings of Chief Comfort Officer’s story, Aidan the Hugging Goldendoodle, along with gifting the students their own copy of the book.

A key member of our Executive Leadership team, Aidan, is a certified therapy canine. Aidan is our lead executive on our community outreach program, Comfort Gives.

He specializes in comforting children with cancer, memory-loss patients under Hospice care and military veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. You too, could be in for some comfort hugs from Aidan at our ThoughtFocus US Headquarters in Milwaukee.

A partnership with UNAIDS supported the global effort to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Utilizing the dynamic technology development capabilities within the ThoughtFocus organization, the UNAIDS collaboration is establishing a Center of Excellence for IoT in public health.

After developing a better understanding of the challenges dairy farmers in India face, the ThoughtFocus team went to work to help boost the Indian dairy industry’s milk quality and income through a cloud-based IoT solution that tracks milk samples and provides feedback.

A partnership with a leading bath fixtures company and CalTech created eco-friendly toilets as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative. Using electromechanical technology and a dedicated cloud developed by the collaboration, it is now possible to monitor and manage remote locations for both sanitation and water conservation.

A grant from ThoughtFocus helped a leading University build a COVID knowledge model that leveraged AI and Machine Learning and a conversational chatbot to keep students better informed about changing health and social distancing policies.

We believe that being responsible citizens is integral to meeting our strategic objectives as a business. We all have a unique role to play in ensuring that our strengths can be of help to the society that we live and operate in.

Through Pragati, our employee led community outreach wing, ThoughtFocus, India is committed to the progress of its communities. With the help of the right partners and our resources, we work towards amplifying the positive impact that we can make in the right direction.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can partner with Comfort Gives, or if you have a need Comfort Gives might be able to help address, please contact us.

Quality Management

Making sure success happens


We are committed to continuous innovation and quality

ThoughtFocus is committed to continuous innovation and quality.

We have been recognized with certifications that include ISO 9001:2015, PCI DSS Level 1, and AS9100D.

These quality management certifications are internationally recognized and indicate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in our workforce, processes, products, and services for sustainable customer success.


Collaboration is key to success



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